The 61st Annual Grammy Awards took place last weekend, and all people have been able to talk about since are the winners, the fashion, and the night’s performances. But what is it like to put your feet on the red carpet before the event even starts? Showstopper superstar and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Keltie Knight gave us an inside look on that.

One thing that might surprise you about the red carpet is its length. With dozens of stars making the walk in front of photographers, writers, and interviewers from all our favorite platforms, they need a lot of space. “The Grammy’s Red Carpet is probably the longest one in existence. It’s beautiful, has black diamond chandeliers lining the entire walk and is about half a mile long,” Keltie told us, “so I’m always impressed by everyone who walks it in their 8-inch stilettos.” We are, too! Taking on heels that high is an accomplishment on its own, but walking half a mile is another story.

The Grammys performers did a lot of celebrating this year. J Lo took on a tribute to Motown Records which celebrated its 60th anniversary. Some of the most iconic country singers came together on stage to honor Dolly Parton (who even did a duet of “Jolene” with her goddaughter Miley Cyrus). (Fun fact: Dolly Parton was Keltie’s favorite interview!) Diana Ross even celebrated her 75th birthday a few months early for the event. The musical performances are Keltie’s favorite part of the night. “J Lo and her crew of dancers were absolutely amazing,” she said.

But even with all of those performances, Keltie marks her most memorable moment of the night backstage. She accidentally ran into Michelle Obama backstage before the event began! “It was a huge surprise because no one knew she was coming,” Keltie said. Host Alicia Keys actually opened the Grammys with Michelle Obama, Jada Pinkett Smith, J Lo, and Lady Gaga.

Of course, you can’t talk about the Grammys without talking about red carpet fashion.  Keltie was, of course, keeping a close eye on the looks everyone brought out that night. “Did you SEE Bebe Rhexa’s dress??” she said. “Stunning. Truly, I loved seeing all shapes and sizes represented in fabulous ways. Everyone looked beautiful, and wasn’t afraid to go bold or glamorous with their look.” Keltie wasn’t afraid to go bold either! She rocked the red carpet in a statement yellow dress.

Now that the Grammys are over, Keltie is back to interviewing celebrities on ET instead of the red carpet, but it seems like she’s still obsessing over all the little details just like the rest of us.



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