Thomas Day has made 2023 a year full of new music. His latest heartfelt single “Gravity” is out today.

Known for songs that capture the ups and downs of relationships, Thomas calls “Gravity” his “first proper love song.” The difference for him is the distinction between singing about relationships (for better or worse) instead of that actual feeling of love. “All of my songs are about love and heartbreak, but ‘Gravity’ is about capturing that feeling you get when you’re in love. The butterflies in your stomach, yell it from the rooftop kind of love.”

The music video for “Gravity” is also out today. Following in the footsteps of “VICIOUS” earlier this year, the visuals for “Gravity” are intimate, domestic scenes. “Gravity” is, of course, calmer than the hyper-charged emotions in “VICIOUS”. Close-ups of Thomas feature clothes and books floating around him in slow motion in dim rooms as he is anchored by the love he sings about.

“Gravity” is out now!