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Is your studio full of Swifties? If you and your dance class besties are major Taylor fans, it’s the perfect time to dress up like Taylor and throw a The Eras Tour-themed studio party. From karaoke to costumes, this is the kind of party everyone can get involved in planning and have so much fun with.

Let’s plan the perfect party to take you through all of Taylor’s hits and keep you all dancing for hours!

Have Your Own Concert

You can’t have a Taylor Swift-themed party without singing! This is where karaoke comes in. With a couple of microphones (props or real ones!), you and your dance team can sing songs from your favorite albums. While you’re gathering props, having fun with sunglasses, boas, and other accessories can make this extra fun. Another fun alternative to your typical karaoke is blind karaoke—you can’t see the screen but try to still match up your singing to the lyrics. Test your Swiftie song knowledge!

Outfit Contest/Fashion Show

Taylor’s outfits are a huge part of The Eras Tour. Your and your dance friends can dress up in different iconic Taylor looks. Turn all of your careful styling into a big fashion show and include prizes for the best-voted outfits. Some ideas for prizes could include disco balls, cute jewelry, makeup, and Taylor Swift-themed gifts. 

Choreograph a Group Dance

All the dancers can use their skills and Taylor Swift knowledge to choreograph a dance using parts of songs from each album. This is a great way to emphasize teamwork in a fun and entertaining way. Plus, this is a great opportunity to make a TikTok or Reel as a studio. Bonus points if you dress up for it!

Have a Photo Booth

This could be a homemade (call in the dance dads!) or rented backdrop or just a simple white background with Eras-themed props like confetti, party poppers, heart-shaped sunglasses, umbrellas, and disco balls. Take photos with an instant camera for physical photos or use your phones. This is a great way to keep memories from the party and have some pictures with your team.

DIY Friendship Bracelets

A huge part of The Eras Tour is the exchanging of friendship bracelets as a reference to Taylor’s Midnights song “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” What better way to get in The Eras Tour spirit than making your own? They could be have the names of Taylor’s albums or songs, your name, or just be cute beaded creations! Pro Tip: Get lots of different shapes and sized beads for extra fun.

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