Your lobby is one of the most important parts of your studio. It’s what your customers see when they first come in and it’s what makes the first impression on potential new customers. When you aren’t teaching classes, you probably spend a whole lot of time here, so updating your lobby can make a world of difference in your everyday life, too! Below are just a few things you should consider when planning your lobby update!

Reception Desk

Your reception desk will be the most visited place in your lobby, so it only makes sense to make it the focal point! You’ll want to make sure that your reception area is well-lit, preferably with some statement lighting (we’re partial to chandeliers – but who isn’t). You’ll want to have your studio’s logo in sight, possibly on the wall behind your reception desk. You may choose to have some shelves next to your reception desk for sales of items like small dance merchandise, key chains, planners, etc.





Wall Decor

Since most lobbies only have one wall with windows and doors, you’re most likely going to have extra large and empty walls to decorate. You’ll be tempted to just hang a ton of little photos to fill this space up, however, this can make your office seem busy and cluttered, even if it isn’t.

Inspiration Boards

Whether you want to use a bulletin board covered in a fabric of your choice or make a gallery wall with clipboards, an inspiration board is the perfect way to decorate a smaller-sized wall. Find your favorite quotes, pictures of famous dancers, color swatches that inspire you and your studio, glitter letters for your studio’s initials, sequins, fabric, and anything else that inspires you! The best part? It’s super cheap to print your own graphics and most of the stuff you pin up you may already have! Try to keep a theme going and make sure to mix it up so it doesn’t become just a bulletin board of photos.

Large Wall Decal

Another way to spice up any wall is to invest in a large wall decal or wall mural. While these might be somewhat expensive, they make a huge impact. Plus, purchasing many smaller photos adds up quicker than you think, so why not invest in a large statement piece instead? We recommend going with something more modern but timeless.

Create an Accent Wall

One easy way to make a wall seem less empty is to create an accent wall. Every room should have a focal point wall, so, since your reception desk is the focal point of your lobby, it’d be great to have an accent wall behind your desk. Black and white thick stripes are super in right now. Don’t be afraid to go bold! We’re loving the look of a reflective accent wall against a white desk!

Marquee Letters

A great way to fill a large wall is to find giant marquee letters! You can hang up your studio’s initials in marquee letters or even spell out words like “dance,” “ballet,” or “hip hop,” depending on your studio.


To make a lobby feel more inviting, it’s important that there is great lighting. It helps the lobby to feel more open, inviting, and also to help you avoid those mid-day sleepy spells when you’re at your desk. There are many options for lighting in your lobby. However, our favorite option is a chandelier! It’s classy, elegant, and comes in a ton of different styles and colors to match the most diverse of lobbies!


While most businesses have ample seating in their lobbies, a dance studio should actually limit their seating. If you decide to have more seating, make sure it isn’t too comfortable. While you want your lobby to be inviting and welcoming, you also don’t want it to become crowded or loud during class times by encouraging people to sit in your lobby.

Most Affordable Options

If your budget is limited but you still want a fabulous lobby, check out stores like TJ Maxx and Home Goods! Just be sure that your lobby doesn’t start looking too Ikea – we know it’s easy to go overboard there!

Middle-Priced Options

Online stores, like Wayfair and Overstock, allow you to get high-quality products for a medium-quality price. We absolutely love this tufted white ottoman (pictured to the right) that is on sale for only $197 at Overstock! It’s a cool option for a reasonable price that invites people to sit for a short time, without encouraging them to stay all day. It’s the perfect addition to your soon-to-be-fabulous lobby! It comes in black and white, so just choose one that fits your lobby’s style!

Plan, Plan, Plan

The first thing you’ll want to do before you start remodeling is to come up with a larger plan and theme for your new and improved lobby. Start by finding inspiration and putting money away so that when it is time to redesign, you have a plan. A large-scale redesign will be much more impressive than just a few items at a time in your lobby. Just think of the awesome reactions when you reveal your “new lobby!” Pinterest may soon become your best friend and that’s totally fine (it’s ours too!).

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