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Singer, dancer, and gymnast Kelianne was previously a member of the U.S. National Acrobatic Gymnastics Team. Since then she’s spent time at The Hype House and Triller Compound and carved out her own space on TikTok where her 10 million followers spend time connecting with her over dance, gymnastics tricks, and beauty tips. Even with all of that, Kelianne is still working on new projects including building her solo music career. We caught up with Kelianne to get an inside look at her music and her new song “Boys.”

“I’ve always had a love for music,” Kelianne told us. “My family is very musical, so it’s always been a passion of mine.” Kelianne plays piano, guitar, ukelele, and drums on top of being a singer and having a musical theater background. She’s no stranger to the music industry or the stage. Kelianne even toured with her dance troupe The Acrobats, opening for artists like Justin Beiber. Now, beyond tours and TikTok dances, she’s taking center stage.


Oh wow trio is filming again😂@nate_wyatt @itstaylerholder

♬ 5 SONGS MASHUP – Samuele Brignoccolo

Despite her love of music, gymnastics has been Kelianne’s world for a long time. Returning to music is a step back into an old passion, but it’s a whole new side of her for her fans. “I’m excited for people to see a different side of me!” Kelianne shared.

In December, Kelianne released the single “It Feels Like Christmas” as part of The Trio with Nate Wyatt and Tayler Holder, but she’s debuting as a solo artist now. Her first single, “Boys,” is what Kelianne calls “just a fun song anyone can sing.” “I think it’s relatable and fun,” she said. The song is exactly the kind of fun, upbeat song to add to playlists for everything from dance class to singing along in the car.

Available now on all of your favorite music platforms, “Boys” also has a music video that Kelianne is very excited about. “Visuals are very important to me,” she said. “It shows the other side of what type of artist I am. I’m excited to share it with everyone!” The video also includes plenty of dance (and a cameo from her fiance!). In fact, Kelianne shared that rehearsing for the video was what made “it all [start] to feel very real!”

“Boys” is only the start. Kelianne said that we should “Get ready for a lot more music.” As fun as “Boys” is to sing and dance to, she still has a lot to discover. “I’m excited to explore the type of artist I want to be!”

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