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“These past couple years have been filled with changes and challenges,” Showstopper Magazine‘s Editor-in-Chief Holly Childs said, “but they’ve also been filled with chances…” Over the last few years, we’ve learned to adapt to new obstacles, to bond and come together and find new support systems, and hold tight to our love of dance. The Spring 2022 issue of Showstopper Magazine is all about that love and everything we’ve done to keep dance in our hearts even when we couldn’t take the stage. This issue is full of dance and all the dreams we (and the incredible people in this issue) have been chasing recently.

From passionate new adventures with Kristin McQuaid to deep diving into dance with Matty Googs, there’s so much to explore between the pages of this issue. Indi Star tells us about how her love of music became so much more, and Dani and Dannah share everything they’ve learned from working with Kenan. (“It has been one word: amazing.”) Oh, and don’t forget cover star Olivia Rodrigo who is our new role model for chasing what inspires us. Plus, join us to make your Broadway bucket list. So many shows, so little time!

Representing states around the country, our Spring 2022 Dancers Across America are also here to inspire, sharing the ways that dance has changed their lives.

Getting “Back 2 Dance” is simple! This issue is available for purchase in book stores around the country and here. You can also get a digital copy via Issuu, or find the magazine at any Showstopper event!

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