Disney’s Encanto has been out since November, but the excitement around the magical movie hasn’t died down. In fact, one song in particular has become the new iconic Disney track we can’t get out of our heads. The collage of character perspectives and styles gives the song so many moments to latch onto, and even more exciting, it’s a dance-heavy musical number!

In a side-by-side video released by Disney Music, we can see “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” in a whole new way. The dancers that laid out the real-life reference for the animations that bring the song to life work their way around a studio, creating every scene from Felix and Pepa’s hurricane wedding to the villager’s misfortunes.

Choreographed by Jamal Sims, dancers Kai Martinez, Asiel Hardison, Yainer Ariza, Reina Hidalgo, Yoe Apolinario, and Mark Villaver mark out the moves—many of which we can see directly in the film! It’s exciting to see how each scene is marked out and brought to life in the studio even without the animated world around the dancers.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has topped music charts including Spotify’s Top Songs-USA and Billboard’s Hot 100 and even broken records set by Frozen favorite “Let It Go.” Lin Manuel-Miranda is no stranger to success when it comes to getting songs stuck in our heads, but we’re still busy trying to learn every part of this awesome dance number!

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