Things are heating up on NBC’s World of Dance. This week, the final duels took place and cemented which acts are heading into the next round. But, before we can move on to the next round, we have to say goodbye to some of our favorites in these last duels.

Victoria Caban vs. Daniel & Mishella

Victoria Caban is a 14-year-old solo flamenco dancer that captured the judges’ hearts with her story and her talent during The Qualifiers. Daniel (AKA mini-Derek) and Mishella are 10-year-old ballroom dancers that have reached a skill level comparable to many adult dancers. Victoria chose Daniel and Mishella as her opponents in this duel, and neither act seemed worried about the other’s talent.

Up first was Victoria who brought out an even greater level of attitude, technique, and fast footwork than she exhibited in The Qualifiers. Her performance was ferociously competitive. Daniel and Mishella took on a high-energy multi-style ballroom performance. The judges were all about their Showmanship. In the end, Daniel & Mishella’s performance earned them an average score of 87, but Victoria earned an incredible 94 sending them home.

S-Rank vs. ThaMOST

S-Rank took second place in The Qualifiers with a memorable and funky hip hop performance, so ThaMOST had to bring everything they had if they wanted to make it out of The Duels. Even more interesting, these two groups are closer than average competitors. They hang out and even dance together! This duel was anyone’s to win.

The judges were as antsy as the dancers when S-Rank took the stage. Their performance included everything from slow movements and hesitations to compicated rhythms and prop work. ThaMOST brought a fighting attitude into The Duels, but their performance was not as intricate as S-Rank’s. S-Rank’s moves locked in an average score of 94.3 which was enough to send home ThaMOSt who received an 85.

Josh & Taylor vs. Second to None

Last Season, Josh and Taylor performed with other groups, but this year they are back and dancing together with a fresh hip hop style. For their duel they chose to go up against Second to None, a tap trio with a serious focus on cleanliness. Both acts knew going into this dance battle that it would all come down to creativity.

To make sure their sound would be heard by everyone watching, Second to None choreographed the use of wooden tap boards into their performance to bring out the classic sound of tap with their modern moves. Josh and Taylor decided to use their storytelling ability to bring their moves to life. Second to None’s new moves earned them an average score of 86.3, but Josh and Taylor’s ability to tap into the judges earned them the 92.3 that would send them into The Cut.

L & J vs. DNA

Two different couples took the stage for the next duel. L and J are best friends who can definitely give us a convincing romantic story. DNA is a ballroom couple that is actually in love and determined to show that their connection and their growth are enough to take them further than The Duels this season.

L and J performed tricks we have never seen before and, of course, made the most of their chemistry, but the judges were not sure that their choreography and their song choice were the best match. DNA took the stage determined to perform flawlessly, and they choreographed plenty of tricks to make up for their missteps during The Duels last season. Once the judges locked in their scores, L and J had an 86 while DNA earned an 88.3 barely sending their competition home.

Ashley & Zack vs. Morning of Owl

Derek knows Ashely and Zack from his tour, but these back up dancers came to World of Dance to show that they can be the stars of the show. As one of the last acts left in the Upper Division, they were paired up with Korean street dance group Morning of Owl by default. With such different styles, these two acts would have to bring incredible performance quality if they wanted to stand out and win this duel.

Ashley and Zack brought an emotionally charged performance to the stage, and the judges were astounded by their power and control. They were not back up dancers during this round. Morning of Owl took the stage next and somehow managed to fit together like animated puzzle-pieces. Ashley and Zack were the first to receive their scores. With a 92, they barely sent home Morning of Owl who earned a close 91.7.

Embodiment vs. Brotherhood

Two powerful all-male groups went head to head in the final duel of the season. Contemporary group Embodiment would be taking on hip hop group Brotherhood in a battle that would come down to choreography, creativity, and impeccable teamwork. Going in, neither group seemed worried about going home.

Embodiment performed first, and their dancers flew across the stage in a routine that focused on elegance and effortless strength. Brotherhood followed with a quick and innovative performance that made the judges reluctant to label them underdogs. Embodiment received an average score of 93.3 from the judges which was just enough to send Brotherhood home with a 92.7.

After four weeks of unbelievable dance battles, next week will mark the beginning of round 3. The remaining acts will have to continue to take their performances to the next level in The Cut as they get closer to the million dollar prize.

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