The Qualifiers are nearly over this week on NBC’s World of Dance.

The Junior Team Division

First to take the stage was a Junior Division hip hop team that seemed sweet, but they took the stage with a fierce determination to win. These small dancers are “fierce like a bear but small and sweet like a cupcake,” and their hip hop is incredible. The judges could do nothing but give compliments to these dancers, but their average score of 83 didn’t really reflect all of the gushing they did.

The second Junior team of the night was the Quad Squad. These girls brought power to the stage. Their ability to balance strength and grace brought their wow factor through the roof, and, of course, impressed the judges. With a score of 89, we will be seeing more of this Squad in The Duels.

The Junior Division

The Gentlemen took the stage to impressed Ne-Yo with their smooth moves, and they delivered. It’s one thing to dance well. It’s another thing to dance with a defined personality, and these two managed to pull off both! Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to send them on to The Duels.

The Upper Team Division

Tap is one of the world’s most classic styles of dance. The JaM Project is here to break all of the stereotypes that come with taps long history. “Not your grandmother’s tap group,” this tap team brings a rock and roll look to tap. Their performance was unlike most tap you’ve seen in competitions, but the judges didn’t seem to think their talents were really obvious to the audience. An average score of 83 sends them forward in the competition, but they’ll have to be even more dynamic if they want to make it far.

The Upper Division

You might remember Luka and Jenlyn and their incredible ballroom tricks from last season. Last season, the judges felt like their tricks were overpowering their dancing, and they ended up getting cut from the competition. Now, they’ve returned determine to prove that their hard work since last year has paid off. The judges were certainly impressed with their growth, and an average score of 87 will send them on to The Duels.

The next Upper Division duo to take the stage is probably like any contemporary duo you’ve ever seen before. Marinspired’s storytelling through classic contemporary moves and incredible lifts, flips, and synchronicity is must-see. The judges seemed to think so too because they awarded them an average score of 91.3 and a spot in The Duels.

Alisa and Joseph are exactly the kind of dance couple we all love to obsess over. Their deep connection as partners reminds us of Keone and Mari. The judges thought the same thing and sent these Estonian dancers on to the next round with an average score of 90.7.

Next week The Qualifiers will finally draw to a close. We would say that they were saving the best for last, but we have already season so many incredible acts this season that it’s hard to know if that’s the case.