This week on NBC’s World of Dance, the champions from each of the four divisions competed in the World Final. Only one could be the champion, but they all brought million dollar performances to the World of Dance stage. To make their mark on the competition, each act would perform twice, once to a song chosen by the judges and once to a song of their choice. The scores from the performances would be averaged for their final score. Plus, an incredible performance mashup by the Kinjaz and Keone and Les Twins return.

Charity and Andres

Representing the Junior Division, Charity and Andres proved themselves early in the competition with the first-ever perfect score. Their mentor for the final round was Derek Hough. He picked a remix of “Ain’t No Sunshine” as their first song to dance to in the final round. Continuing to dance with her broken toe, Charity showed only strength on stage during this performance, and Andres continued to exhibit the power and skill we saw from him in the previous round. This first performance earned them an average score of 94.3.

The next performance Charity and Andres brought to the stage had to exhibit everything they had. Derek told them to finish strong with their final performance. Full of flips, dives, and even Charity lifting Andres, their performances was as legendary as the song they chose. This dynamic routine wowed the judges, and they received an average of 94.3


Jennifer Lopez mentored the Upper Team Division champions. S-Rank has grooved their way into the final round of the competition. They say they have the perfect team, and so far, their skill and success have proved that they are a rank above the rest. For their first performance, J Lo picked “Headband” by BoB for this team to match their groove to. They created a symphony that transformed into an energetic hip hop routine that even included whacking. The judges saw the risks they took and awarded them an average score of 93 for this performance.

S-Rank was later the first act to take the stage for their second performance. J Lo made sure to drive home the idea they needed to bring emotion into their choreography beyond the excitement generated by amazing tricks. In true S-Rank fashion, they set the scene with some incredible prop work. The judges were also happy to recognize their signature style in the performance. Impressed with their strong finish, they awarded S-Rank an average score of 94.

Michael Dameski

Michael Dameski dominated the Upper Division in the Divisional Final. This week, he was mentored by Jenna Dewan for his final performances in the competition. For his first performance, Jenna chose “Dive” by Ed Sheeran as his song. Sharing his vulnerable side through his choreography, Michael gave J Lo the “goosies” and earned their adoration. For this performance, he earned an average score of 95.7.

For his final performance in the competition, Michael picked a cinematic song that he paired with elements of his personal story and all of the emotions that go with them. Jenna told him to carefully craft his choreography to put the most power behind his message and carry him to the top in this last round. Prop work, a phenomenal display of strength, Michael didn’t leave anything out of this performance. For his second performance, the judges awarded Michael an average score of 96.3.

The Lab

Last season, The Lab was sent home long before the World Final. This season, they represented the Junior Team Division in an attempt to take home the win. Mentored by Ne-Yo, their first performance was his pick, “Work It” by Missy Elliott. The judges were impressed by their “competition stamina” and followed their near-perfect score from last round with an average score of 97.

Taking a risk is something that typically impresses the judges, but a major change in direction can also put everything in danger. The Lab chose to take a risk like this for their final performance. They left behind the hype they typically bring to the stage for a much more emotional performance. The judges were definitely impressed. They gave The Lab an average score of 98.

For the second round of performances, the acts performed in reverse order of their first average scores. S-Rank took the stage first followed by Charity and Andres. After Charity and Andres finished their second performance, their average score of 94.3 sent home S-Rank with their final score of 93.5. Michael Dameski followed this with a performance that helped him achieve a final average of 96.3. This score pushed him to the top of the leaderboard and sent Charity and Andres home. Ultimately, it was The Lab’s final score of 98 that sealed the competition. Just under two points above Michael Dameski’s score, The Lab’s change of pace and their incredible growth throughout the competition allowed them to win the final round and the competition.


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