Zendaya recently took to Instagram to share her latest fabulous outfit with the world. If you know anything about Zendaya, it is that she is constantly looking flawless, and many fans of her style are pretty certain she can pull off any look (and we don’t disagree).

The Showstopper Magazine cover girl was going through some of her old storage and found some of her grandfather’s old shirts. Naturally, up-cycling the old button-ups was the first thing that came to mind.

Now, don’t get too intimidated by the word “upcycle.” This fashionista didn’t need a sewing machine to create this spring look. She simply rolled up the sleeves and added a belt to give the “dress” more shape. After that, it was all about the accessories. Zendaya complimented her button-up shirt dress with rings, necklaces, and other bling.

Clearly, Zendaya is enjoying this breezy shirt dress look. Would you try it?

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