NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was dropped in June after two seasons full of song and dance. (No, we’re not ok.) Luckily, the show and its cast are getting a chance to finish telling Zoey’s story in a big way.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist follows Zoey, played by Jane Levy, as she finds herself and opens herself up to the feelings and emotions that she and the people around her experience when she suddenly can hear people’s innermost thoughts as musical numbers after an earthquake and an MRI cause a playlist to be downloaded into her brain. At first, the playlist is a huge problem for Zoey, but over time (and music!), she sees how it changes her world in a big way.

But, Zoey’s journey was cut short with the show’s cancellation. It was recently announced that Roku has picked the show back up to create a grand finale two-hour musical movie with the option to order additional episodes. So, Zoey is coming back, at least briefly. Roku has not announced a release date for the film, but we’re excited to see how they choose to close out the story.