Have you listened to your warm-up playlist too many times? If your old favorites are lulling you to sleep instead of getting you pumped up and energized, it might be time to change things up! Here are 10 songs that are great for loosening up your muscles and grooving to.

“High Hopes” – Panic! at the Disco

There’s nothing out right now with more “you can do it!” vibes than Panic! at the Disco’s number-one hit “High Hopes”.

“1999” – Charli XCX & Troye Sivan

What drives you? Apparently, for Charli XCX, it’s memories of her 90’s childhood. If you didn’t live in 1999, you’ll definitely want to dance your way into that nostalgia after you warm up to this song.

“Boomerang” – JoJo Siwa

What’s a warm-up playlist without JoJo Siwa in the mix? If JoJo is getting you pumped up for your next performance, you need to turn that around by adding “Boomerang” to your list.


Ok, so this song might make you a little hungry, but don’t worry! You can always reward yourself with jello after class. Until then, shake out all those muscles with PRETTYMUCH.

“You Don’t Know Me” – Jax Jones ft. RAYE

Every get-up-and-go warm-up playlist needs a power song (and by power we mean one that makes you say “look at how powerful I am”). “You Don’t Know Me” is that song.

“First Love” – Lost Kings feat. Sabrina Carpenter

Lost Kings’ beats and Sabrina Carpenter’s iconic voice make this song the perfect bop to stretch to, but be careful! You’ll definitely have a hard time not singing along to this one.

“Tell Me You Love Me” –  Galantis & Throttle

Fun lyrics? Check. Dance music video? Check. A beat you won’t be able to get out of your head? Check. Check. Check. This song has everything you need to inspire your best moves.

“Gorgeous” – Taylor Swift

If you haven’t already added most of the Reputation album to your playlist, “Gorgeous” is perfect for anyone looking for something soft to focus on during those long stretches.

“Havana” – Camila Cabello

As soon as the first beats of “Havana” start, we’re ready to dance, and we know you are, too. Turn this song and it’s time to stretch oh na na.

“Flxxn” – Nia Sioux

We all know that warm-up is just the beginning of exercising all of your amazing skill. Prepare to flex your talents with Nia Sioux’s “Flxxn”.

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