Lately, pop-up shops promoting exclusive products from major cosmetic and fashion brands and even celebrities have been making us all antsy to plan a perfectly timed trip to Los Angeles or New York City. Well, it’s time to start researching plane tickets to the west coast because right now, Benefit Cosmetics is taking the pop-up shop to a whole new level.

Accompanying the release of their new Roller Liner and Roller Eye Bright Pencil, Benefit is launching the Roller Liner Diner on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles! The perfect place for “Fine Lining and Dining,” the diner is only open until the 20th of January, but until then, it will be the ultimate photo-op from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The diner features an old fashioned motorcycle, a sink overflowing with pink bubbles, and the best all pink diner scene you could hope to show off on your Instagram feed. While you’re taking the perfect selfie and snagging your own Roller Liner, servers on roller skates will be serving free ice cream cones and sandwiches from the equally Insta-worthy The Milk Shop.

Basically, it’s time to drop everything before this gorgeous spot is closed up for good! You can walk in or even make reservations with OpenTable or

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