Good dancers…

…don’t make excuses

You don’t say “You don’t say I can’t.” You say “I will.” Even if you are unable to do something now, that doesn’t mean you won’t do whatever it takes to get to the next level!

…go above and beyond

There are no classes too long, no stretches too hard, no performances too nerve-wracking. When you go for something, you put your whole heart into it, and you shine brighter than any star because of it.

…put in extra time

You know that to keep growing and performing and being the best you can be, you have to put in the hours of studio time and take classes to learn from other dancers, so that one day you can be the one on stage that everybody is watching.

…don’t complain about hard work

Dance is passion, but that passion requires time, strength, commitment, and every piece of you to become something amazing.

…are always working to be better

Every performance and class teaches you something new. You are always working toward being a bit more flexible or more graceful or more emotional. You know that each dance you perform is better than the last because you are always learning.

…know their strengths and weaknesses

You take injuries seriously and know when your body has had enough. You know the difference between pushing your limits to grow and going too far.

…have perspective

When you are a performer and an artist, it is easy to get lost comparing yourself to others that are more experienced than you. Good dancers know that you need to take a step back and see what you can become not what you aren’t currently.

…are committed

Dance isn’t an after-school activity or a summer hobby. It is your favorite class, your favorite sport, your favorite art form, you favorite way to spend time with your friends. It is everything, and you love every glittery second of it!

…make use of feedback

When you go to competitions, you listen to what the judges say and you take your teacher’s advice. When someone says you can do something better you don’t take it personally, but use it as motivation to improve.

…believe in themselves

You that your biggest supporter is you, and that as long as you believe in yourself you can do anything!

…never give up

Dance will take you places. All it takes is practice, commitment, and that little extra dash of glitter that makes a dancer something magical and amazing. You know that dance is a part of you, and you will do it forever because it makes you happy.


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