Inspired by Netflix’s original show 13 Reasons Why based on a novel of the same name, Showstopper Sparkle Society member Ava Cota has decided to start her own movement that challenges people to make the world a better and more positive place. The #13Reasons4Me Challenge is Ava’s way to encourage change in a world that she thinks often misses out on important conversations that can make life easier to understand and navigate.

“Self love creates self happiness.”

In a two-part video series on YouTube, Ava gives her fans access to a vulnerable and honest side of her as she encourages people to spread the word and take the challenge. To take part in the challenge, Ava asks that her followers to first write down thirteen reasons why they love life and themselves. Then, participants are supposed to post a video listing their reasons on social media with the #13Reasons4Me and #13ReasonsofLove.

Of the movement and her challenge, Ava says, “I started this challenge to create something that was a positive movement on the social media platforms to spread love.” With a large focus, it is easy for all of us no matter our ages to get too caught up in how we look and what our reputation is. Ava wants to take this focus and redirect it. “In the world we live in, it seems all actions are taken out of hate of oneself or hate of others!” she says. “This movement encourages kids/teenagers to look at the good in their lives and in themselves which I think can be very powerful.”

In the second part of her video series, Ava listed her own #13ReasonsofLove, sharing with her viewers all of the things she is grateful for from talking to her fans to hanging out with her adorable dogs. Throughout the video, Ava encourages viewers to participate in the challenge and think about the things that make their own lives wonderful.

There are few things as important as kindness and self love. Join Ava’s movement to spread these fabulous ideas to yourself and your friends.

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