Maybe you just joined a new studio and you want to get to know the people you’ll be dancing with or you just want to get to know your dance BFFs even more, bonding with your teammates is important for strong friendships and strong performances.

Make Friendship Bracelets

If you want to bond with arts and crafts, nothing is better or easier to do with a large group than friendship bracelets. So grab your embroidery floss, some beads, and your favorite patterns, it’s time to get crafty!

A fun thing to do with friendship bracelets is to have everyone on the team make one and then put them all in a bowl. Mix them up. Then go around and have each team member close their eyes and draw a random bracelet out of the bowl. You never know whose bracelet you might end up with!

Have a Movie Night

This is especially good for a group of dance friends that spends a lot of time outside the studio. Movie nights and sleepovers give you time to socialize, goof around, and even dance without the pressures of being at the studio. Besides, there’s nothing better than laughing, crying, and even getting scared together when you watch a movie with a group. It makes the movie all the more special.

Plan a Trip

Now, unless major trips are already something your studio tends to do together, we wouldn’t necessarily say you need to plan a full-on retreat to bond with your teammates (though, those can be fun!). Instead, plan something more like a field trip. Go with your teammates to a local theater or even do something completely non-dance related like a beach day or a trip to an amusement park.

Whatever you do to get closer with your teammates, the one key ingredient to any activity is fun. Creating happy and fun memories with your dance friends is the perfect way to strengthen any team.

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