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St. Patrick’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your team and enjoy themed activities together. Whether you’re Irish or not, celebrating Irish culture, dressing up in green, and feeling a little extra lucky can be a great way to infuse a little extra positivity and fun into your studio.

Throw a Potluck

One of the best parts of any holiday is the food. Throwing a potluck lunch or dinner is a great way to get the whole team involved in your St. Patrick’s Day event. Assign everyone a specific food or drink or give them a category (main dish, side, dessert, drink) to bring to give your meal variety. Don’t forget classic St. Patrick’s Day foods like Reuben sandwiches! For a festive twist, make themed snacks like Lucky Charms and Rice Krispies treats or add a dash of green to your food. Pinterest is a great place to find plenty of fun ideas to get creative with.

Shamrock Shakes

If you want to treat your team without throwing a larger event, finding something you can make together quickly or go out for is a great way to celebrate. McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes are a St. Patrick’s Day classic. Heading out as a team to get them together is a fun way to spend time together outside of the studio. Or make the shakes a team activity by putting together a make-your-own Shamrock Shake table at the studio. You’ll need mint ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, and mint candy, along with a blender to put everything together!

Irish Dance-Off

Chances are you have more than one dance style under your belt, but do you know any folk dances? An Irish dance-off is a great way to learn expose yourself to a new style and celebrate. Learn some Irish steps together. Then divide into teams and create a dance routine. You’ll need to designate a judge to decide the winner. Gold chocolate coins make a great “treasure” for the winner, but overall, this is a sure way to get your dancers in the spirit and allow them to get out of their comfort zone and dance pressure-free.

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