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After kicking off Season 18 with some exciting new dancers, So You Think You Can Dance continued auditions on FOX this week. As the dancers continue to bring more amazing moves to the judges, picking talented dancers to move on to the choreography round will get harder. Who will get a yes that could start an incredible dance journey?

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“I want to see more.”

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Breaking last week’s total of six dancers receiving yeses on screen, this week, eight incredible dancers were pushed to the next round. Read on to see how they secured their spot in the show.

The first dancer on screen today was Braylon Browner who puts his heart and soul into contemporary dance. Bubbling over with excitement ahead of the judges, he started slow before moving into turns and leaps we couldn’t take our eyes off of. Allison wanted to hire him for a project on the spot, but three yeses are taking him into the choreography round.

Madison Rouge Alvarado walked in with a lot of energy and a jazz funk solo. She immediately brought music video energy and skill to her performance. The judges were unanimous supporters of her dance and her vulnerability. We’ll be seeing more of Madison soon.

After showing off her bedroom (featuring Showstopper trophies!) and introducing the world to her big sister, Arianna Santos brought her dance moves to the auditions. Her solo was a hip hop flamenco fusion that earned her compliments from the judges. All three judges wanted to see her improve her technique (and bring in more flamenco!) to maybe turn her no into a yes in the future, but after seeing more auditions, the judges revisited their decision, and Allison personally invited her to the choreography round.


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Kaylee Bays was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome at 21. The constant pain and deterioration of tissues in her body took her out of dance. Now a wheelchair user at 27, Kaylee learned how to use her arms and legs with the aid of the floor and her chair to show SYTYCD that she could still dance. “I will dance until I’m dancing with my eyes,” she said to the judges. The judges gave her three yeses and an opportunity to continue adapting dance to her mobility in the next round.

Olivia Zeiml arrived alongside two fellow members of the Dance Collective club at the University of Arizona. Avery Gay and Madison Kotch joined Olivia at the auditions this week. The judges auditioned all three dancers before revealing their decisions. Olivia’s jazz solo didn’t match the song for Allison, but she and the other judges liked the skills she showed. Avery followed with a pointe (a style we don’t see on SYTYCD very often!) routine with jazz elements that Maks didn’t think were risky enough. Madison rounded out the trio with a contemporary solo that was very fluid and earned compliments from the judges for her transitions. After the auditions, the judges shared that it was a no for Olivia and Madison, but Avery would be moving on to choreography.


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Cole Neville shared his heels with Cat before his audition and showed the judges his strength and skills to earn three yeses. Will he make it far enough that they can swap shoes again?

J-flow is a combination of Indian folk, classical, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz that became the dance style of Jainil Mehta. Comfort enjoyed his solo from beginning to end. The judges were a unanimous yes for this dancer!

Maks sat out on Kenidee Allen’s audition because he knows her well and has worked with her. Her “fun little sassy jazz solo” was not enough for Maks (even though he wasn’t voting). Allison liked that it was a classic jazz solo and it was a simple yes for her. With a yes from Comfort, we’ll see Kenideeo again soon!

“It’s a no today.”

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We didn’t see many dancers leave the show this week, but unfortunately, not everyone’s style or technique was ready for the challenge of the choreography round.

Gideon Mekwunye showed his brand of breakdance to the judges. Unfortunately, he needed to refine his skills to be ready for the projects the show will put in front of the dancers.

Elina and Sebastian brought the first duet audition of the season in front of the judges. Allison wasn’t sure their country dance style was ready for SYTYCD, but it was refreshing to see yet another new take on dance on the show this season.

Next week, SYTYCD will return at 9pm ET on FOX for the final auditions of Season 18.

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