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3 Things to Post to Your Studio’s Social Media

Great social media profiles keep your dancers and parents engaged. But what makes a great profile? A strong sense for creating effective and entertaining content. The kind of content that works best with your audience might vary, but the ideas below are sure to grab the attention of your students and maybe even get you a few likes.

Dancer Features

If you don’t share anything else, you’ll want to make sure you have pictures of your dancers on your profile. Take pictures of the dancers having fun in class or showing off their talents on stage. You can even create a Dancer of the Week series where you feature one of your talented students every week.

Behind the Scenes

When you aren’t featuring your dancers, why not feature yourself? Share things about your studio, events, teachers, and more. Backstage photos are perfect for a behind the scenes look at all the hard work you do! You can even ask your dancers for photos. Trust us, they’re always taking photos of their dance hijinks.


Whenever you have a change to a schedule or event or an announcement about rehearsals or classes, social media is a great place to share that information with your dancers. Keep them updated! One of the places we spend the most time in the digital world is on social media. Take advantage of that and use it to share all your studio’s important details.


Learning to edit photos or even finding simple apps that will allow you to gives you access to another type of content. Graphics. Graphics allow you to generate your own original content! You can use these to promote upcoming events and even to inspire your followers! Make sure to keep these neat and high quality. No one likes a blurry picture!

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