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Changing seasons are a perfect excuse for reevaluating what you’re doing and how you can switch things up to be more productive and happy. One simple way to do that is reorganizing. You can reorganize small or large sections of your life, physical or mental. The important thing is just to approach the process the right way so you don’t end up more frazzled than before you began.

Know Your Reasons

Make sure you know why you need to make a change if you’re going to do it. If you’re rearranging your bedroom without a reason for putting your bed on the opposite wall, you might find that you actually liked it better the other way and have to switch everything around again. If you change up the way you organize your schedule without knowing why your current method isn’t working, you might end up missing appointments or forgetting deadlines.

So, before you dive into your reorganization, list out the reasons you need to change things. What do you need to change? How will a change affect you? You’ll need to know these things going in.

Don’t Drag It Out

Reorganizing is like pulling off a band-aid, you need to do it quick, or you’ll get caught up in something else. If you start changing your system and move on to something else halfway through, you’re going to have a hard time adjusting and using it properly. Whatever you decide to change, outline it fully, and change it all at once.

Only Change What You Need To

This is where knowing your reasons is handy. Pretend you’ve decided to change the way you organize your dance bag. If your system for keeping track of bobby pins works, don’t change it! You can change the way you keep your shoes in order or stash away smelly socks to make your dance bag a more effective tool without messing up what already works. Prioritize changing things that will make your life easier or happier. If they already work, leave them for now.

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