Looking for inspiration for your next masterpiece can be difficult. But, guess what? Inspiration is all around you! It can be easy to feel like there is nothing to use as a platform to create your next work of art. Sometimes, all you need to do is take a step back and realize that all the “mundane” details of everyday life can be the perfect thing to base a routine off of.


How does technology make you feel? Is there a certain thing you can’t live without? What about something you have a strong opinion about? Take those moments, and use the tech that inspired you as a prop to tell your story. Cell phones might seem like the obvious choice, but you can find interesting stories in everything from laptops to pencil sharpeners.


Another place we often look for inspiration is within the immediate space of our art. What are other performers doing? But, looking outside is where you’ll find new and unique things. How can you turn the way someone sweeps a floor into dance? What about opening a window or holding hands? Take the rhythms of life that you find in non-dance spaces and translate them into new movement.


We all have favorite songs, movies, and musicals. How can you take that media and turn it into something new? Think of it as fan art reimagined through dance! This particular source of inspiration is rich with scenes and movements and even dialogue (how can you say something without saying anything!?) into dance.


Regardless of genre, the way you bring sound to life is an important part of dance. Whether you connect a movement to a specific sound in the song you dance to or if you create the rhythms yourself, playing with sound and making it physical can be the perfect place to start when creating new moves.

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