This week on So You Think You Can Dance the Top 8 took a trip around the world with performances from multiple cultures created by some of SYTYCD‘s top choreographers. Before they could dive into a long night of performances (each dancer would dance in two duets and a group number as well as performing a solo), they stopped in Rio de Janeiro for a colorful Carnaval choreographed by Jonathan and Oksana Platero.

Anna and Benjamin

The first performance of the night, Anna and Benjamin were on their way to the Polynesian Islands with a Tahitian dance performance choreographed by Tiana Liufau. Tahitian dance is all about the hips, and D-Trix was confident that Anna’s (and Benjamin’s) hips told a story.

When this couple returned to the stage for their second performance, they transported as back to classical Broadway with a routine choreographed by Al Blackstone. “That’s what I was looking for!” Laurieann cheered for Anna after she and Benjamin showed of their quality of movement in this routine.

Madison and Ezra

Technically, we were supposed to travel around the world, but the routine Randi and Hef created for Madison and Ezra took them even farther. These two were hip-hopping on the moon, and the judges loved every second of it.

When they came back down to earth, Madison and Ezra performed a piece with a much different tone. An Argentine tango choreographed by Leonardo Barrionuevo and Miriam Larici, this dance about death(!!!) was all about control and chemistry. So, of course, they killed it (pun intended).

Mariah and Bailey

From Argentina to Paris, Mariah and Bailey’s first duet was a Moulin Rouge-inspired ballroom routine choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin. This might have been the first time that Bailey looked uncomfortable performing outside of his style, but Mariah shone.

You might say that Mariah and Bailey’s next performance was through the roof, but it was actually on top of it. This contemporary performance by Mandy Korpinen and Elizabeth Petrin was D-Trix’s favorite routine every (out of sixteen seasons!), and solidified Nigel and Mary’s beliefs that they are the couple to beat this season.

Sophie and Gino

After Stephanie and Eddie were sent home last week, Sophie and Gino became the newest couple on the show. Luckily, they built up that partnering chemistry fast for an emotional contemporary routine by KC Monnie.

As if first dates aren’t awkward enough, what if you found out that your date was a thief? That’s the scene Sophie and Gino set for us for their second performance choreographed by Jonathan Redavid. They were jazzy and soulful, and Laurieann had to argue with Nigel and Mary that these two are the couple to beat.

The Groups

The first group performance to take the stage was a contemporary scene with attitude choreographed by Talia Favia. Benjamin, Mariah, Gino, and Madison certainly aren’t bad guys, but this performance was fierce!

The last stop on our trip around the world, the second group routine was an African jazz piece choreographed by Sean Cheeseman. Bailey, Sophie, Ezra, and Anna had Mary “really feeling it”!

The Bottom Four

Unfortunately, all eight dancers couldn’t move on to the next show. Last week’s votes put Benjamin, Madison, Ezra, and Anna in the bottom four. With the ability to save two dancers, the judges warned all of the contestants that whoever moved forward needed to do what they could make sure that they were appealing to the voters as much as they are to the judges. By a unanimous vote, they decided to save Madison and Ezra, sending Anna and Benjamin home.

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