1. Show Your True Colors

Being yourself is an important part of being happy. Hiding who you are because of the opinions of others can make you feel limited. Establish your identity and let your personality sparkle!

2. Delight in Simple Pleasures

Not everything in your life will be a huge event, but that doesn’t mean that the little moments won’t be amazing or special. Treat every moment as something important to be cherished.

3. Open Up!

Loving who you are is important, but showing others how incredible you are is too! Be who you are, be confident, and don’t be afraid to show off your inner sparkle. Not only will people appreciate your honesty, your self-confidence will be obvious.

4. Spread Seeds of Joy

Take the time to share your happiness with others. Compliment someone, do something kind, just because. Both you and the people you impact will feel amazing.

5. It’s OK to be a Late Bloomer

Success comes to every person at different points in their lives. Don’t be discouraged by your friends’ achievements. Celebrate them! If you focus on your goals and work hard, your success will come to you in time.

6. Be Wild and Wonderful

Let passion and what makes you happy guide you. The opinions of others may conflict with your goals. Listen to them, but remember that no matter what, happiness is what you’re working toward.