1. Stretch Your Legs – Whether you are literally stretching your muscles or stretching your legs in the way of gaining new experiences, get out there and go a little further than you have ever gone before!
2. Don’t Jump to Conclusions – It can be easy to get ahead of yourself in stressful situations. Take a deep breath and step back. If you assess each situation carefully and with a clear mind, you are more likely to reach a positive outcome.
3. Think Hoppy Thoughts – Sometimes the easiest way to develop a more positive attitude is to actively think more positive thoughts. Try to incorporate more positive thoughts into each day.
4. Make a Splash – Don’t be afraid to show off your talents! They will take you amazing places, but only if you use them.
5. Don’t Forget How Ribbit-ing You Are – You are amazing! Not everyone will see this, but you are often your own biggest cheerleader. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back whenever you achieve something awesome.
6. De-pond on Your Instincts – When you are faced with a tough decision, don’t be afraid to go with your first choice! You will find many times that you know what’s best even if you don’t realize it in the moment.