With so many styles of dance, so many dancers, and innumerable ways to express ourselves, the Spring 2024 issue of Showstopper Magazine aims to capture the limitless world of dance from stars that have overcome adversity and injury to pursue their art to those that have reinvented dance itself. The “Life Without Limits” issue is a collection of limitless stories, advice, and inspiration.

With inside looks at crews like ILL-Abilities and Misty Copeland’s ongoing legacy of passing her success to others, this issue has taken us from dance firsts to dance victories and everywhere in between. These dancers and creatives are bold, determined, and unwilling to let anything stand in the way of their relationship with their art.

This issue’s Dancers Across America are also Showstopper’s Top Scoring Senior Soloists from competitions around the United States during our 2023 tour. From the dancers that gave it their all at Regionals to the champions of Finals, these are dancers to watch.

Meet our Spring 2023 Dancers Across America!

It might seem impossible to “live without limits” or even to define what that might look like, but these dancers, actors, artist, and more have the lived experience to show you that the possibilities are endless. As our Editor-in-Chief Holly Childs says, “You’ll find tips and tools to create your own life without limits, one that’s authentic to you and brings you real joy. It’s out there waiting for you; I promise.”

This issue is available for purchase in bookstores in the United States and Canada and here. You can also find the magazine at any Showstopper event!

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