Smiling is key during performances, meeting new people, and obviously expressing happiness. As a dancer, your smile is even more than that.

Dizzy with Passion

When a dancer smiles, they express their passion. Even when you are at the studio, tired and sweaty from a long day of rehearsals and practicing combinations, you are smiling. This smile says, “I am doing what I love.” It says, “I am proud of what I did today.”

Dazzle the Judges

A dancer that doesn’t smile during a routine is one that usually doesn’t score as high. When you perform, the audience and the judges want to know that your heart is in it and that you are on stage because you want to be. Smiling says that when you can’t speak because you are too busy focusing on keeping time with the music and achieving the perfect leap.


More than anything else, a smile is a celebration. You smile when you and your teammates win a Crystal for your performance. You smile when you reach your next stretch goal. You smile when you leap just a little bit higher than last time. Every smile is a celebration of everything you have accomplished and all the exciting things to come.
Dancers pay attention to their smiles as much as if not more than everyone else. Their smile is part of your costume on stage. It is part of your technique. Your smile is your inner beauty shining through for everyone to see.
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