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All of the Top 12 contestants returned to the stage this week for the final episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Joined by judges Leah Remini, JoJo Siwa, and tWitch, the Top 12 performed an exciting group number choreographed by Brian Friedman

This week on SYTYCD, the two remaining dancers, Alexis and Keaton would compete to become America’s Favorite Dancer. For the first time, both of the top two competed through the entire finale episode performing solos, duets with Top 12 partners of their choosing and with an All-Star, and with each other.

Alexis and Carter

Alexis brought her BFF and longtime dance friend and partner back for her Top 12 duet. Choreographed by Emma Slater and Sasha Farber, Alexis and Carter performed a samba. “What an opening for the finale!” Leah said of this performance. JoJo got chills, and tWitch called it “celebratory,” encouraging Alexis to keep it up for the rest of the night.

Keaton and Anna

Talia Favia called this duo “a contemporary choreographers dream.” Turns out these dancers have started dating during the course of the show, and their chemistry showed on stage. “Keaton, you are unbelievable,” JoJo said of this duet. tWitch called Keaton a role model for young male dancers and evidence that dance is undoubtedly a sport.

Keaton and Lex

Joined by Season 14 winner Lex joined Keaton for a hip hop routine choreographed by Nika Kljun. Transformed to “industrial scientists,” these dancers managed to impress the judges despite a few minor mishaps. tWitch was excited to see them bringing energy to the routine and JoJo called the performance brilliant and complimented Keaton for making hip hop work for him.

Alexis’s Solo

Before her solo, Alexis shared her motivations and inspirations throughout this season. “This journey has been a love letter to my mother, and I would love to seal that with a win, so here we go. I’m bringing it all out tonight,” she said in an aside before taking the stage for a fringe-filled ballroom solo.

Alexis and Jason

Dancing with first-time All Star Jason Glover, Alexis’s All Star duet was a romantic contemporary performance choreographed by Robert Roldan Glover. “Watching you dance is like watching Houdini do magic,” JoJo told Alexis. “It’s magical, and it looks impossible, but you do it.” tWitch also complimented Alexis’ versatility throughout the night.

Keaton’s Solo

Growing up in his mom’s studio, Keaton didn’t choose dance as much as have it thrust upon him, but he fell in love with it anyway. Before he performed his solo, Keaton shared in his aside gratitude for his family’s support. His solo was equal parts beautiful and exciting.

Alexis and Keaton

Brian Friedman put Alexis and Keaton back together as a treasure hunter and a snake fighting for treasure in their last performance on the show. “I just want to take a second to say. No matter the outcome of tonight, you both won this show,” JoJo said after this performance. The judges were impressed, and the audience was cheering.

America’s Favorite Dancer

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

It was up to the studio audience to vote for America’s Favorite Dancer. When the votes were counted and the results revealed, Alexis was named America’s Favorite Dancer. As Keaton, the audience, judges, and Top 12 all cheered for Alexis, she celebrated becoming Season 17’s winner and the first female ballroom dancer to win the show.

That’s a wrap on Season 17. Alexis Warr is America’s Favorite Dancer!

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