After a summer of singles, Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin released her 19-track album Lil 5i5!

From the duality of “Gemini” to the in-the-moment discovery of “Floating,” we’ve already seen a lot of what Cassie had in store for us in this collection of self-affirming and empowering tracks. Known for exploring her sense of self through music, every track on Lil 5i5 is full of the imaginative drive that made the singles leading up to the album so exciting.

Fans of Cassie’s music will quickly recognize the bubbly beats that follow through the album, but there’s so much more to explore in Lil 5i5. From bilingual tracks like her 2021 track “Tanto” to new on the album “Sin Ti” to slowed-down and emotional songs like “Cherry Sunrise,” Lil 5i5 is packed with so much feeling and you can just as easily get up and dance as you can sit with each song and reflect.

Gerardo de Sousa

Lil 5i5 is Cassie’s sophomore album, and she’s given fans a lot of music to sit with. These 19 tracks tell stories and explore experiences across her whole life. 

Lil 5i5 Track List
1. Leave Me As You Found Me
2. Lemon Sugar
3. Busy Body
4. Every Time I See The Ocean
5. Push Me
6. Floating
7. Lil 5i5
8. Jungle Fetish (Run)
9. Tanto
10. Sin Ti
11. Cabeza Kiwi
12. Wow Factor
13. Gemini
14. Flux
15. Slip N Slide
16. Gel X
17. Buttercup
18. Cherry Sunrise
19. Magic Song

Lil 5i5 is streaming now on all major music platforms.

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