For those of us still living vicariously through our Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters (That’s everyone, right?), it’s time to stop terraforming and start party-planning. Today, Nintendo announced the free update for January, and it’s a virtual dance party.

Well, it’s actually a whole new holiday/in-game event called Festivale! Likely inspired by the real-world holidays Mardi Gras and Carnival, Festivale falls in early February. Leading up to it, players can collect colored feathers and trade them for themed items like clothing and furniture.

The host of this event is visiting character Pavé, a colorful peacock who brings rainbows and dance to the main square. When players bring Pavé feathers, he will reward them with a dance alongside in-game items. You can celebrate with him with the new Viva Festival Reaction Set at Nook’s Cranny that will allow players to react with “Feelin’ It,” “Let’s Go,” and “Viva and Confetti.” (We’re beyond excited for the last one!)

While Pavé isn’t the only Animal Crossing character to that gets excited about busting a move, he is the only professional dancer on the island. We’re excited to see him perform! Luckily we won’t have to wait very long. The free update will be available on January 28, and Festivale will take place on February 15 this year. Check out his moves in the trailer below.