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Have you thought about dancing competitively? The moment you jump into studio dance, there are so many options for what you do with your new skills. Recitals and local theater performances give you a moment in the spotlight and let you express your love of dance, but showing off your skills requires a different stage. Trophies, medals, and accolades are a trip away when you jump into competitive dance at large mixed-genre competitions or specialized competitions in your preferred style.

Moving into competitive dance is a choice that shapes your routine. Competing is a commitment of time and effort that can have major benefits. Considering the ways your day-to-day dance routine might change is an important part of that decision.

TIME to Dance

Competitive dance is a major time commitment. Preparing for competitions means more time in the studio as well as time spent traveling, team bonding, attending private practices, and of course, the competitions. Consider your current time balance with recreational dance. If you have room in your schedule for those extra hours of dance and are willing to put in the time, it’s just a matter of getting started! Your own comfort and desire to compete are a big part of your time. Don’t overextend yourself.

Hobby or Passion?

If dance is an after-school activity that you want to turn into something more, competing could be your answer. Be mindful of burnout, but if dance is your only outlet or hobby, then you might want to consider the benefits of making a serious commitment. Jumping into competition dance is also a good way to push yourself to achieve your dance goals and improve your skills.

Building a Dance Career

Dancing competitively allows for more career opportunities. From chances to dance in college to Broadway shows and concert tours. You never know who will be watching or judging a dance competition. Many competitions also offer scholarships, cash prizes, and other opportunities to their top-scoring contestants.

Full-Body Dance!

Dance is tough on your body. This can cause prolonged injuries and impact to your mental or physical health if you don’t take good care of yourself. Dancing more than usual and upping your difficulty level, increases this risk. Make sure that if you are ready to amp up your dance, you are also ready to amp up your self-care!

Dancing competitively is a rewarding next step for dancers who want to commit their time and passion to their art. No matter what your preferred genres are or your plans for the future, competing is a great way to bring dance even more fully into your life. There’s so much to gain even beyond the trophies.

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Trina Hannah is a graphic design major and dancer at Siena Heights University. She loves all things creative including photography, painting, and writing. Trina has a passion for helping other young women build up their self esteem and chase their dreams all while making a positive impact.