Legendary is an understatement when it comes to dancer, choreographer and anthropologist Katherine Dunham.  Katherine is most known for her creation of the Dunham technique, one she created after fusing together the roots of black dance rituals and folk and ethnic choreography.  She was a pioneer in creating the notion that African American heritage is as beautiful and full of life as is any other heritage.

In 1944 Dunham opened the K.D. school of Arts and Research. In 1945 she opened the famous Dunham School  in New York.  Soon after she founded the Katherine Dunham Dance group – which later developed into the famous Katherine Dunham Company a company devoted to African-American and Afro-Caribbean dance

Katherine Dunham is credited for developing one of the best teaching techniques  used today called the “Matriarch of Black Dance,” also known as the the Dunham Technique.

Katherine was not only a choreographer she was featured in many films, theatrical shows and has received numerous awards throughout her time.

She was  named “America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasure” before her death and through all of her hard work it was well deserved. Her drive, innovation and love for the arts will continue to influence the dance world forever!

Katherine Dunham we thank you for everything you have done for the dance world!


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