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While we continue to obsess over Boss Cheer and Chicken Girls, web-series network Brat has been working on their spring lineup of new shows. Brat is known for tween high school drama, but they’re getting ready to take it to the next level with some unexpected new projects.

The latest series Brat has set to release this season is Red Ruby. This show starring Daniela Perkins, Michael Campion, Madisyn Shipman, and Alex Lange is about a group of teens who went missing during the 1990s. Now, they’re re-emerging as vampires! Without a trailer out yet, who knows what kind of havoc teen vampires (full of 90s references we hope!) will wreak on a modern high school.

Also hitting Brat’s YouTube channel is a comedy series called Stuck that will star YouTuber Enya Umanzor as a high school student trapped in, believe it or not, a time loop, bringing a dash of sci-fi to Brat’s current lineup.

While our favorite originals, Chicken Girls and Total Eclipse, return for their fourth and third seasons respectively, Brat is still pushing its featurette Spring Breakaway which debuted on their YouTube channel March 13.

Spring is going to be a big season for Brat, though with all of the supernatural stories coming to the screen, it looks like they’re already ready for Halloween.

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