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Last week, Coop & Cami star Ruby Rose Turner debuted her latest project and it has nothing to do with her acting career. Instead, Ruby has been working hard on a collection of unique handbags with fun designs and hilarious names. Ruby gave us an inside look at her new collection and what she’s up to next.

“The designs of the bags are really just fun pieces that make me happy.”

Inspired by Bestey Johnson’s designs, it is easy to see where Ruby got the idea for her fun names. A trip to Johnson’s website will reveal beaded bags named “Just Bead It” and even a crossbody bag shaped like a rescue float named “Hey There Sailor”. It’s no surprise that Ruby’s bags have equally pun-filled names like a donut bag named “A-Dough-Rable”. Having fun with the designs was all part of the process. “The designs of the bags are really just fun pieces that make me happy,” Ruby said about their unique style.

Photo Credit: Michael Simon

For the collection’s release, the B.Rosy launch event included some of our favorite stars like Lela B., Jade Weber, Coco Quinn, and more who not only came to support Ruby but also modeled the bags on the runway! Ruby couldn’t be happier about how the event turned out. “The designers made it look even better than I could imagine, and I was so happy to have so many people show up to support me,” she said. Her favorite part was, of course, the runway. “They killed it!”

“For me, starting out as a dancer, that was really special to me to have dancers and models doing all the things just like I’ve done so many times in my career.”

There are only fourteen bags in the collection, but that doesn’t make picking a favorite any easier–even for Ruby. “My favorites from this collection keep changing,” she said, “but for now, they are the rainbow bag, ‘Shine On’, and the cactus.” Each bag has its own personality, so it’s no wonder she can’t decide.

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When we asked about the future of B.Rosy, Ruby said she hopes she can continue to create her statement accessories and more. “I would love to continue working and designing more in the fashion world. It’s really cool and another fun way to be creative.” For now, she’s getting ready for a new music release and filming Season 2 of Coop & Cami. 

You can get Ruby’s handbags at

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