Fetch was totally happening, and pink was more than a Wednesday requirement at the theater, but unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the industry-wide shutdown of most live productions, Mean Girls is leaving Broadway.

Mean Girls closed its doors after its final performance on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. At that point, the Broadway production had racked up 805 performances and 29 previews at the August Wilson Theatre while its national tour brought the teen comedy to packed theaters across the United States.

“MEAN GIRLS played 833 performances at the August Wilson Theatre, and we loved each and every one,” Mean Girls representatives said in a statement. “‘Irregardless,’ the time has come for us to say ‘Goodbye’ to Broadway as we will not be opening upon its return.” They went on to confirm that the national tour of the musical is scheduled to resume performances in Summer 2021 and that fans can still look forward to the upcoming film adaptation of the production from Paramount Pictures (a premiere date has not yet been announced).

It’s not just a regular musical. It’s a cool musical! And we’re excited to see that the show will go on for Mean Girls, but we’ll still miss seeing our cool cast of Plastics in Broadway lights.