Justin Nolan Key

Caroline Romano is moving into summer with a new single. “Mississippi Air” is a tender, indie-rock song that evokes long-lost memories and flashbacks to dreamy days. It’s a soft, nostalgia-filled song made for long drives and golden daydreaming.

“‘Mississippi Air’ is really just a longing for something, or a feeling, that once was. It’s driving past a blur of trees spinning into a film reel, playing a movie of something you used to know, and briefly, you are able to breathe,” Caroline explained. “You’re able to know the love you once had without the pain associated with it.”

Justin Nolan Key

Inspired by Caroline’s home state of Mississippi, “Mississippi Air” is all about memories and the places that remind us of the past. “I think we all have those moments as we drive through familiar grounds that take us back to when something you’ve lost wasn’t lost at all,” she said. “It is a deep surrounding type of breath you take in those moments. That’s ‘Mississippi Air’—lavender bikinis, button downs, silver trucks, pools, and Harry Styles songs.”

“Mississippi Air” is out now, and its the perfect addition to your Summer Nostalgia playlist and long days road-tripping with people you love.

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