The Qualifiers continued this week on NBC’s World of Dance as more unsuspecting contestants enter the warehouse for their “producer callback” only to find the judges waiting for them instead. There’s excitement, heartbreak, determination, and a few callbacks ahead.

Keagan Capps

Junior Division solo act, Keagan Capps wants people to know that living in Oklahoma doesn’t mean she’s living in a tent or riding around in a horse-drawn buggy. What the judges want you to know is that she has incredible control and stability in her movement. After she performed, JLo called Keagan a “show-off,” and all three judges gave her a yes to send her on to The Duels.

Antonio and Maria

Like Luca and Alessandra last week, Antonio and Maria came from Italy to show off their Latin ballroom skills. Unfortunately, these tiny dancers didn’t quite have the competitive edge they need to move on to the next round. With nos from Derek and Ne-Yo, they were sent home.

Avante Garde Collective

The first act so far to get a different response from all three judges, Avante Garde Collective came from Amsterdam to show the judges how they showcase different looks and styles all in one large group. Though the didn’t quite live up to the expectations of the judges, we’ll be seeing more of them. Ne-Yo gave them a yes, JLo a no, and Derek a callback, so we’ll be seeing Avante Garde Collective in the callbacks.

Chibi Unity

This Junior Division group from Niigata, Japan brought a fusion style and a lot of enthusiasm to their surprise Qualifiers audition. A slow start had Ne-Yo wary, but these dancers proved that they have a signature fusion style and a lot of energy for competition. They’re moving forward with three yeses.

Josh and Erica

You might remember Erica from Season 3 when she competed with her partner Aiden. This season, she’s back taking the judges’ notes about partner chemistry to heart and competing with her boyfriend Josh. Based on their urban dance audition, it’s obvious that it worked. JLo commented on their “real chemistry,” and she and Derek gave them yeses that pushed them forward to the next round.

The Break Ninjaz

These young break dancers have three rules: Work hard, have fun, help each other. These rules bond them and encourage them as they work to be athletes and dancers. The judges loved their enthusiasm and skill, but they weren’t quite at the competitive level of World of Dance, so they were sent home with nos from Ne-Yo and Derek.

The Young Cast

Coming to World of Dance for the third time, this is the first time The Young Cast has made it to the Qualifiers round. While their performance will allow them to keep pushing forward in the competition, the judges wanted to know if they could do more than great transformations, so we’ll be seeing them in a callback.


A junior contemporary trio from Placentia, California, the members of MDC 3 showcased their creativity in a performance that seemed to capture the tangled relationships of a love triangle. The judges were impressed by their strength and seamless transitions. With yeses from JLo and Derek, these three are off to The Duels.

Show Stopper

The final act to compete this week was Miami jazz funk group Show Stopper. While this girl group was cohesive, the judges weren’t sure they were hitting their moves hard enough or matching their passion with skill. With a unanimous callback request, Show Stopper has one more chance to bring the “wow” to the judges if they want to make it to The Duels.

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