After The Lab won Season 2 of NBC’s World of Dance (find out how they did it in the latest issue of Showstopper Magazine!), we had to say goodbye to J Lo, Ne-Yo, Derek, and Jenna, but now, Season 3 is right around the corner! They will all be returning (minus Jenna who will no longer be hosting the show) to the stage and screens this month to decide yet again who will be winning that million dollar prize.

In case you missed last season, NBC shared some of the dancers’ best moments on YouTube. The video is a great “mashup” of Season 2’s performances, but what if you missed out (and even if you didn’t!), you’re going to want to catch up by watching the full performances.

But Season 2 isn’t what’s exciting! You’re probably as excited as we are to know who will be dancing, right? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here is the complete 54-act lineup for Season 3. Notice any familiar names? Some of Showstopper’s Sparkle Society members are highlighted below!

Junior Division:

  • Audrey & Mia, Hip-Hop duo from Chicago, IL & Seattle, WA
  • Aydin Eyikan, Contemporary dancer from Fairfield, CT
  • Ellie & Ava, Contemporary duo from Woodbury, MN
  • Ethan & Anastasia, Ballroom duo from New York, NY
  • FemP3, Hip-Hop trio from San Diego, CA
  • Funkanometry, Hip-Hop duo from Vancouver Island, Canada
  • House of Tap, Tap duo from Santa Ana & San Diego, CA
  • Invictus, Ballroom duo from Seattle, WA
  • Julian & Charlize, Hip-Hop duo from Manalapan, NJ & Los Angeles, CA
  • Kayla Mak, Contemporary Ballet dancer from Rye Brook, NY
  • Lauren Yakima, Contemporary dancer from Northville, MI
  • Moving 4ward, Contemporary dancers from Toronto, Canada
  • Mya Walters, Contemporary dancer from Peoria, AZ
  • The Trilogy, Contemporary trio from Maplewood, MN

Junior Team Division:

  • Apprentice, Urban Dance group from Vancouver, Canada
  • Battle Droids Crew, Breaking crew from Antwerp, Belgium
  • Dancetown Divas, Ballroom dancers from Miami, FL
  • Elektro Crew, Hip-Hop crew from Gilbert, AZ
  • Get Down District, Waacking group from Rosemead, CA
  • Intention, Contemporary group from Edmond, OK
  • JDC, Contemporary group from San Jose, CA
  • Kozmic Edge, Hip-Hop group from Gutenberg, NJ
  • MiniBots, Popping group from Vancouver, Canada
  • MKAM, Hip-Hop team from Alhambra, CA
  • Movement Society, Contemporary group from Calgary, Canada
  • The Crazy 8’s, Contemporary group from Anaheim Hills, CA
  • VPeepz, Hip-Hop group from Manila, Philippines
  • West Springfield Dance Team, Hip-Hop team from Springfield, VA

Upper Division:

  • All Ready, Hip-Hip Fusion duo from Seoul, South Korea
  • Alyen & Maria, Cabaret Ballroom duo from Cincinnati, OH
  • Briar Nolet, Contemporary dancer from Toronto, Canada
  • D’Angelo Brothers, Tap duo from San Cesareo, Italy
  • DD Flection, Contemporary duo from Bangkok, Thailand
  • Denise & Josh, Contemporary duo from Toronto, Canada
  • Derek Piquette, Contemporary dancer from Chicopee, MA
  • Derion & Madison, Contemporary duo from Los Angeles, CA
  • Erica & Aidan, Urban Contemporary duo from Los Angeles, CA
  • Jonathan y Jorge, Salsa Cabaret duo from Orlando, FL & Lima, Peru
  • Poppin John, Popping Animation dancer from Farmington, NM
  • Skyscrape, Ballet duo from Norfolk, VA & Dortmund, Germany
  • Tobias & The EZtwins, Urban Dance trio from Copenhagen, Denmark & Ljubljana, Slovenia

Upper Team Division

  • Exiles, Hip-Hop group from Coolidge, AZ
  • Fuego Dance Crew, Hip-Hop crew from San Diego, CA
  • Guests of Honor, Hip-Hop group from Los Angeles, CA
  • Main Guys, Hip-Hop group from Oslo, Norway
  • Motiv Crew, Hip-Hop crew from Orlando, FL
  • Radiance, Contemporary group from Los Angeles, CA
  • Siudy Flamenco, Flamenco group from Miami, FL
  • Str8jacket, Hip-Hop group from San Mateo, CA
  • Style & Grace, Hip-Hop group from Vancouver, Canada
  • The Heima, Breaking Fusion group from Seoul, South Korea
  • The Kings, Bolly-Hop group from Mumbai, India
  • The Rookies, Urban Dance group from Nantes, France
  • Unity LA, Contemporary group from Los Angeles, CA

Season 3 of NBC’s World of Dance premieres on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

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