If you’ve been exploring the Spring 2019 Adventure Edition of Showstopper Magazine, then you might be wondering where we get all of our amazing outfits! Whether we’re deep-diving online stores or getting thrifty at Goodwill’s all over the country, we are always on the lookout for the perfect outfit. Here’s an inside look at some of the places we went to put together these outfits.

A Rainbow of Possibilities

There’s no such thing as too much rainbow! Jazz up your passion for every color with texture! Add stripes and patches or something with a cool design (like our ferocious friend here) to confidently own your statement look.

Get Inspired!

Rainbow Striped Tiger Sweater – Fashion Nova

Rainbow Striped Clutch – Fashion Nova

Rainbow Rhinestone Wallet – Fashion Nova

Denim Skirt –Forever 21

Rhinestone Bling Sunglasses – Dollar Tree

Pink Heels – Forever 21

Highlight Powder: Jeffree Star Skin Frost: Regina George

Rainbow aesthetics are bright and happy. Pick one of the brightest colors (yellow!) to boldly represent the rest of your look.

Get Inspired!

Yellow Jacket – Fashion Nova

Rainbow Striped Muscle Tee – Showstopper

Pink Shorts – Showstopper

Yellow Fanny Pack – Fashion Nova

Striped Socks – Target

Rhinestone Bling Sunglasses – Target

Out for a day of fun? Grab your roller skates and a sporty outfit, and you’re ready to go! Well, you’re ready to go after you make sure you’re rainbow-ready.

Pink Varsity Jacket – Walmart

Rainbow Crop Top – Showstopper

Yellow Shorts – Showstopper

Rainbow Tote Bag – Walmart

Heart Socks – Target

Roller Skates – Target

Maybe your favorite boots need a little love. Pull out your favorite fierce sweater again, and start pulling out those colors for an eye-catching outfit everyone will love. Have we mentioned yet that denim shorts are a staple?

Get Inspired!

Fierce Loved Rainbow Stripe Sweater – Fashion Nova

Lavender Shorts – Fashion Nova

Rhinestone Bling Sunglasses – Target

Striped Socks – Target

Yellow Glitter Clutch – Forever 21

Heeled Faux Leather Boots – Forever 21

Beach Day

Did you know that Showstopper spends most of its time around the beach in South Carolina? You can’t hit the waves without the perfect outfit, though. Grab your sun hat and your swimsuit!

Get Inspired!

Pink Racerback Tank – Showstopper

Denim Shorts – Goodwill

Patches – Michaels

Straw Tote – Old Navy

Pineapple Scarf – Goodwill

Bikini – Bargain Beachwear

Rosy Sunglasses – Target

Pineapple Purse – Target

Pink Pearl Slip-Ons – Goodwill

Sun Hat – Target


If you’re the outdoorsy type, maybe you’re looking for the perfect outfit for your next hike and glamping adventure. Don’t worry! Pink looks good in the woods, too.

Get Inspired!

Saturday Sweater – Neiman Marcus

Black/White Flannel – Target

Rose Leggings – The Children’s Place

Heart and Space Socks –Target

Pink Hiking Boots – Lugz

Pink Pom Pom Hat – Target

Backpack – Old Navy

Patches – Michaels

Music Festival

One of the best parts of those music festivals we all get excited about during the summer is fashion! You can’t see Ariana Grande at Coachella and not look fabulous! So check the weather and grab all of your favorite off-the-wall pieces.

Get Inspired!

Pink Fringe Jacket – ebay

Denim Outfit Set – Forever 21

Scarf – Vintage Store

Straw Tote – Walmart

Striped Platform Shoes –Fashion Nova

Purse – Forever 21

Amusement Park

Looking for the perfect outfit for all of those rollercoaster snapshots? Don’t be afraid to take risks with your amusement park outfit! Let’s break out the patterns (and pink, of course)!

Get Inspired!

Floral Jacket – Top Shop

Black Racerback Tank – Showstopper

Striped Shorts – Target

Black Heels – Forever 21

Lady Luck Purse – Top Shop

Popcorn Purse – Walmart

Ice Cream Purse – Top Shop

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