We all face obstacles in life and while they differ from person to person, they all have the potential to limit the type of life we live. In this issue, we explore the theme of living life without limits. It isn’t about ignoring the obstacles we face, it’s about creating a life that brings us joy despite our limitations. It’s getting creative in the face of adversity and, instead of being stifled by the roadblocks, being inspired by them to find another route.

Inside our Spring 2024 issue, you’ll find stories of those faced with illness, injury, inequality, anxiety, and self-doubt. You’ll read about their journeys, their uphill battles, and the paths they forged despite it all. You’ll read about our cover star, Misty Copeland, who became American  Ballet Theatre’s (ABT) first African American female principal dancer, and how she uses her platform now to help clear the path for others. You’ll geta peek behind the glamour at celebs–like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid–who have found a way to succeed despite their chronic illnesses. You’ll discover dance crews–like the LA Rollettes and ILL-Abilities–formed to make the dance world a more inclusive space. You’ll find tips and tools to create your own life without limits, one that’s authentic to you and brings you real joy.

It’s out there waiting for you; I promise.

Holly Childs

At first, a “Life Without Limits” issue seemed like an impossible challenge. It was too limitless. How do you decide what it means to “live without limits”? How do you fit so many incredible people in one issue? Looking at this issue now, that’s the point. We are faced with limits every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re tackling personal goals or trying to motivate others, we put so many “what-ifs” in front of ourselves.

What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m not strong enough? What if people laugh?

The people in this issue have learned how to turn off that monologue and to cut out the people who doubted them, the society-set limits that boxed them in. They became great! Then they extend that greatness to others. Misty Copeland’s success has allowed her to break barriers for others and work to increase diversity and accessibility to dance. Taylor Swift has let her love of music and her fans lead her to the biggest tour in history. Luca “Lazylegs” Patuelli and his crew ILL-Abilities have shown the adaptability of dance for themselves and for the people they inspire.

This issue is a collection of stories that show you, I hope, that limits are all about perspective, and not in a “we can do anything” kind of way, but in a we can redefine the world and make it our own kind of way.

Veronica Good
Managing Editor, Showstopper Magazine Online

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