Focus on You

When you constantly focus on pleasing others through your dance, you are creating an anxious space inside yourself. Focus on your movements and whether or not you are where you want to be with your goals. If you worry about other people’s expectations of you, you will be too worried about disappointing them to perform well.

Own Your Passion

Doing something you love is the easiest ways to let go of your worries about everything else. If you are dancing, focus on the dance. Focus on how much you enjoy your art and the things it has taught you. Think of your passion and what it does for you, not the things you have to do for it.

Take It One Step at a Time

If your lack of confidence comes from a lack of skill or from unexpected setbacks in achieving a goal, take a step back and reassess. The problem is not that you aren’t good at what you are doing. It is that you are working toward something new. This takes time and effort. You have to stumble before you can dance, but once you figure out the steps, you will look magical!

Know You’re Awesome

Your biggest supporter is you! Congratulate yourself for your accomplishments. Reward yourself for meeting your goals. Tell yourself how awesome you are! If you know how awesome you are and you show it, everyone else will see it too!