The Importance of Being a Leader

The title of “leader” or “studio director” must be earned by inspiring and motivating people to give their best. Effective leaders bring out the best in people by stimulating them to achieve what they thought as impossible. You are a leader of your many students and their families, also teachers and assistant teachers at your studio, and your community. One of the most powerful motivating tools available to managers and leaders is positive reinforcement.


Take a look at the following characteristics of leaders and followers. If you find that you might fall more into the follower category for some of the points, think of ways that you can work toward improving to take on the qualities of a leader in that particular area. For instance, if you find that you are a better talker than you are a listener, take a step back and actively listen to the people around you. Or, if you find that you tend to be more pessimistic than optimistic, work to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones!

✨Characteristics of✨

A Leader

Good Listener




Keeps it Simple


Gives Credit

Confronts Problems

Speaks Directly

Acknowledges Mistakes

Says “Yes”


Positive Attitude

A Follower

Good Talker

Hard to Find

Avoids Decisions


Makes it Complicated


Takes Credit

Avoids Problems


Blames Others

Explains Why It Can’t be Done


Negative Attitude