When you and all of your friends are separated by social-distancing practices, obvious choices for keeping your connection strong are virtual book clubs, movie nights, and game nights, but what about your shared passion for dance? Gather your dance BFFs in your favorite online space like a group chat or Discord server. Creating a system for dancing together can be a fun way to get the out-of-the-studio fun that we’re all craving.

A virtual dance club can be tailored to the interests and needs of your group. For hip hop dancers, this might mean spending time sharing clever ways to dance at home or in other non-studio spaces where that genre was created. For ballet dancers, you might focus on the ways that you make do without a barre or break boundaries between the studio and your home. It doesn’t have to be all technical, though! Like any club, sharing memes, your favorite internet finds, and talking to one another is all part of the fun, too.

But, what would your dance club do?

Dance Club Activities

TikTok Together


#duet with @dixiedamelio @brycehall ur up next

♬ hatchback – kekeclipz

You’re probably already sending your BFFs links to your favorite TikToks. Why not take it a step further? Each week, designate one person in your group to pick their favorite TikTok dance or challenge to do. Duet each other’s TikToks to compare your moves or make funny skits.

Dance Challenges

Create challenges for group members to improve specific moves, learn choreography from your favorite dance influencers, or step outside your style. Everyone has dancing to do outside of dance class, so make it fun! As a group, try a stretch challenge or try to match the choreography in the latest Dytto, tWitch, or Phil Wright video. There are so many possibilities.

Dance Movies

Dance is so much more than…well, dance! When you and your dance BFFs are spending time together outside the studio, it’s not all moving and grooving! Share your love of dance by watching for your favorite dance favorites. You can do this at a distance by pressing play on Netflix at the same time or using a service like Kast to stream together. (Looking for inspiration? Try making it through our Dance Watch Challenge.)

Create Playlists

Creating playlists for different moods and dance activities is basically Dancer 101. Create a joint playlist with your BFFs to go along with your other activities. Plus, if you have a shared playlist, you know exactly what to play when you have a Zoom dance party.

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