Raise your hand if you get super excited when you get to see or learn a whole new style of dance! If you raised your hand then consider yourself a true dancer, orrr just someone like me who loves everything about dance. Dance is so universal. There are so many different forms, techniques and styles. So in order to satisfy the needs of all you dance junkies out there every month we’re going to show you some really cool dance styles out there. In honor of today being the first day of March, which is the month of Saint Patricks Day our pick is (bangs imaginary drum )

Irish step dancing
Now this style requires some major footwork, and they do it so effortlessly. In the video below you will see a clip from an old show called “The Next Step”. It highlights some of the fancy footwork that takes place in most Irish dance routines!


Some quick background info, Irish step dancing  originated in the 1750’s but didn’t make its major mark until the 1870’s. It’s believed that every sunday the townsfolk of a small Irish community would gather to compete in language, literature and of course dance. It’s crazy that the tradition still lives on so many years later. Except for now there’s fancy lights and big stages to compete on versus the town square. This style of dance is so rich and full of culture, which is why it is our first dance style of the month!

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