In a recent video on her YouTube channel, lifestyle influencer Lucie Fink took us through her New York City apartment for her weekly “reset day.” On these days, Lucie works her way around her home cleaning and resetting her space to keep things moving, usable, and in the case of her various houseplants, thriving.

YouTube / Lucie Fink

On a reset day, things like watering her plants, straightening up her filming space and living room, cleaning her makeup brushes, and wiping down her kitchen counter are priorities. Basically, it’s a once-a-week do-over for her entire space. While Lucie is managing her indoor garden and making sure everything in her home is clean and ready for the week ahead, your own reset day might be more focused.

What are the most important items and spaces in your day-to-day? Maybe once a week you sit down and go through your dance bag or go around your room and pick up the things you’ve left scattered around. You probably don’t need to reset everything (like Lucie says, things like closet cleanouts are big commitments that don’t happen as often), so you know what’s most important to you and most likely to accumulate over the week. Those are the areas you’ll want to reset.

YouTube / Lucie Fink

Weekly resets are also a great time to target anything that stresses you out (hello, dance class laundry!) or make time for self-care. (Sometimes you need a mental reset, too.) Take a bubble bath, rollout your muscles, throw a private dance party in your bedroom, have fun!

Still not sure where to start? We suggest making a list of everything you do in a week (repeat tasks only!). What do you use for those tasks? When you go to dance class, you take your shoes and dance bag. When you get up in the morning, you might head straight to your desk or gather up all the things you need to stuff in your backpack. These are little things, but forgetting to maintain your dance bag, your desk, or even your backpack could make your day-to-day a little more difficult. Resetting once a week makes sure you’re always ready to go.

Need even more inspiration? Check out Lucie’s full reset day cleanout!