TikTok star Emma Norton does comedy lip-syncing as well as choreographed dances and skits like most of our favorite TikTokers. But Emma stands out because she does all of these things using special effects makeup.

From zombies and devils to tigers and even Perry the Platypus, Emma uses her skills with everyday makeup and body paint as well as prosthetics and creepy colored contacts to create unique looks. Emma’s “monster” makeup is her go-to for any time of year, but its perfect for Halloween, too. We talked to Emma about her favorite looks and her tips for creating your own scary creations for the holiday.

Emma’s Top Monster Looks

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this is oddly so satisfying to watch omg😳

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Emma’s Green Pop-Art Zombie was inspired by the 1950s pop art scene. Her love of scary makeup and this unique style come together to make a unique costume. That’s a lot of makeup, though! Luckily, Emma knows how to keep it perfect for whatever she’s up to. “To keep my costume makeup look fresh all day or night, I use translucent setting powder,” she told us. “I apply the powder over my makeup look, so the makeup doesn’t ‘move’ and the color doesn’t change.”


Im never looking behind me again after hearing this omg🥴💀

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Loving your look is a major part of what Emma does. One thing she loves about her blue tiger is that the color change makes it more unique than your typical tiger face paint. You may have seen this look on TikTok, but that isn’t the only place she’s shown it off. “I didn’t have time to finish filming when I had to leave for a doctor’s appointment,” she shared, “so I wore the full blue tiger look and received an office full of shocked, eventually entertained looks (along with my flu shot).” Sometimes you just have to take your masterpieces out into the world (intentionally or not)!


i had to call in the queen of the monsters for this one.,.

♬ original sound – Ava Tocloo

Horns, angled features, and blue veins make Emma’s devil a classic Halloween look. The details all come down to Emma’s makeup skills, but colored contacts and prosthetics complete the look. If you’re planning to use prosthetics like Emma’s horns, you might find that getting them on is easier than taking them off. “For removing liquid latex, scar wax, and any other facial adhesive, use coconut oil,” Emma recommends. “I usually use coconut oil paste, but it works in any form.”

It’s All About The Details

The fake blood in Emma’s videos isn’t store-bought! She has her own personal recipe. To make Emma’s fake blood, combine two cups of corn syrup (to thicken the mixture) and two tablespoons of chocolate syrup. Stir in red food coloring until the mixture achieves your desired bright red color. (Emma recommends around eight drops). Now you’re ready to add it to your scariest looks. If you’re going to release fake blood from your mouth, though, Emma recommends picking up blood capsules from your local Halloween store.

Want to up your costume game with wigs? “For affordable wigs, I purchase lace-front wigs from Amazon,” Emma shared. “Usually, Amazon has a good selection. Keeping my wigs in a hair net between uses keeps the wig hair more manageable and ready for use.” And for keeping your own hair perfectly styled? Emma has a solution for that, too. “For my natural hairstyle used for Halloween or costume looks, at night, I use a silk head wrap. I stuff my hair into the net at night before sleeping.”

Whether you’re trick-or-treating, attending virtual Halloween parties, or even making TikToks like Emma, these are all essential elements for the perfect look.

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