Dancers are busy people! You have school, dance, friends, and all of your other favorite things to keep up with while you spend hours each week at the studio. Luckily you have your trusty planner in your bag, right? Or maybe you’re a really savvy planner that has a bullet journal customized to all of their #dancelife needs. If you’re not, you might change your mind when you see these spreads.

Busy Schedules

Your calendar is probably packed, and that’s way too much to try to cram into your brain. A bullet journal filled with all the intricacies of your busy schedules is exactly what you need to make sure you know exactly when you need to hit the studio or when your next study session with your BFFs is.

Exams, Assignments, and Your Dance Bag

A favorite of bullet journalers everywhere is tracking pages. Why? Anything you need to keep up with, make a habit of, or just generally stay on top of can be tracked so you can see exactly what you are (or aren’t) doing and how often. So, track your study sessions and your homework assignments. You should probably throw in your dance bag (and shoes!) cleaning schedule, too.


Don’t think you have to be serious and getting down to business every second of every day. You need to make time for fun And there’s a place for that in your bullet journal, too. Keep all of your polaroids, movie tickets, and notes about all the best days with your BFFs here.

Your Day to Day

Oh, and those everyday to-dos, there’s space for those, too. Daily pages full of little notes, reminders to return your best friend’s BIO 101 notes, are a must for anyone with a lot to get done. Keeping things organized will keep you on track. You’ve got this!

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