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16-year-old b-girl Logan Edra has been busy this summer working on new projects including an incredible performance for The Kinjaz’ dance competition, Arena. Choreographed by D-Trix, this routine is part hip hop, part magic, and all emotion. An emotional vignette of a bedroom scene, the dance to Jessie J’s “Who Are You” is about self-love.

Sharing a clip from the video on her Instagram, Logan says, “For this piece, [D-Trix] and I constantly reminded ourselves why we were making this piece in the first place.” And the power of that is obvious! The closeness to the story told in the piece is evident in every move she makes. She went on to say that, “Although I feel like the piece should speak for itself, it’s apparent that it was a dedication to anyone out there who feels unworthy, unloved, or the need to sacrifice their own integrity due to a strong feeling of emptiness.”

Check out the full video!

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