via Kennedy Clair Children’s Boutique

Spring is here, and that means students are itching to be outside all the time – even when they’re in your studio. This can be frustrating, especially if you are preparing for competitions. The simplest way to take on your students’ spring fever is to bring spring inside! Prepare your studio for their energy and for the overall lively spirit of the season.

Bring the Blossoms Inside

Decorate your studio for spring! How you do this depends on your personal style, but decorations can be as simple as adding flowers, and as complicated as repainting. It’s all up to you! The only rule for decorating for spring is keep it bright and exciting.

Let the Students Help

Students love to be involved especially when the activity involves contributing to one of their favorite spaces. If you are putting up decorations or even just trying to make decisions about what you want to do in the studio, let the students help you. You could even turn this into an activity or a fun competition. For instance, for preschool students, you could make handprint flowers. Older students would probably enjoy helping put out vases of real flowers.

Spring into Classes

In any class, you have to match the energy of your students, but this is especially true for classes at the beginning of spring. As the weather gets warmer and it is easier to enjoy the outside without needing heavy jackets, your students’ energy will be at an all-time high. Because of this, you’re going to want to add an extra dose of pep and excitement to every class. This will help grab their attention and encourage them to be as excited for class as they are for the warm weather.

No matter how you get ready for spring, changing up your usual routine is a great way to refresh and improve – which is what spring is all about!