Goldie Vargas is continuing to set the vibe for summer. Just a few weeks after the release of her single “Moving in Reverse,” Goldie is back with “Canyon.”

The final look at what Goldie has been working on before her EP Golden comes out later this month, “Canyon” is an honest and contemplative breakup song. Looking back on a relationship and the changes it causes for better or for worse and the feelings that linger after a relationship ends, “Canyon” is a dark but cathartic ballad.

“Take it as a compliment, I still love you. I’m well aware I write too many songs about you,” Goldie sings. Exploring the feelings that inspired the song Goldie said, “‘Canyon’ is about the personal conflict of missing the person you were with and the relationship you once had but also missing the person you were before you met them. The entire song physically feels, to me at least, like you are running in a field towards yourself trying to get back to your roots. I find it incredibly empowering and self-loving, despite being a breakup song.”

Goldie’s EP Golden isout July 28. She said of the project, “I want listeners to be transported to a different world where they can be their truest selves and feel whatever emotion they want to feel to the truest extent when listening to my music.”

“Canyon” is streaming now on Spotify and Apple Music.